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Big Mac

Macadamia Butter + nectarine cake

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Another one of our classics with a nutty twist!

Layers of decadent macadamia & nectarine cake with a house made macadamia butter and nectarine & lemon verbena jam. All wrapped up in a macadamia Italian buttercream. 

Our lemon verbena infused jam tastes like a refreshing summer iced-tea! This cake is bursting with fresh flavours & a nut-buttery finish.

Go on, try something different. 


SINGLE FEEDS: 10-12 big slices & 20 tiny slices

DOUBLE FEEDS: 20-22 big slices & 44 tiny slices



Butter, sugar, free-range eggs, vanilla, macadamia, almond meal, buckwheat flour, baking powder, nectarine, lemon verbena, pectin, salt, olive oil, maple syrup,

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