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Peach, Please

Champagne & peach Chiffon

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We love the chiffon so much, we had to do it twice this menu! 

Our delicate, bubbly and not too sweet champagne chiffon… It’ll have you coming back for seconds, or thirds. 

Layered with our champagne roast peaches and labneh Italian buttercream. This buttercream has a beautiful added tang with our house made labneh for a perfectly balanced finish.

Sophisticated and quirky, just like you.   


SINGLE FEEDS: 10-12 big slices & 20 tiny slices

DOUBLE FEEDS: 20-22 big slices & 44 tiny slices


Plain flour, caster sugar, free-range eggs, olive oil, champagne, cream tartar, salt, vanilla, labneh, peaches, vanilla

Usually ready in 72 hours

Pickup available 9am – 2pm seven days a week.

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54 Martha Street,Camp Hill QLD 4152