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Lime, Raspberry & Labneh Chiffon

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A light and sophisticated sponge. Delicate, zesty and not too sweet. … It’ll have you coming back for seconds, or thirds. 

Layered with our rose-lime curd and fresh raspberries. Masked in our labneh- lime Italian buttercream. This buttercream has a beautiful added tang with our house made labneh and a hint of lime zest for a perfectly tart finish.

if you love all things light, tangy and fresh, you will surely find this cake subLime. 

 A Floss favourite, menu after menu. 


SINGLE FEEDS: 10-12 big slices & 20 tiny slices

DOUBLE FEEDS: 20-22 big slices & 44 tiny slices


Plain flour, caster sugar, free-range eggs, olive oil, lime, cream tartar, salt, raspberry, vanilla, labneh, rose water, butter, candied lemon verbena

Usually ready in 72 hours

Pickup available 9am – 2pm seven days a week.

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54 Martha Street,Camp Hill QLD 4152