• Customise your cake

    To design your very own custom cake, please fill out the below form and one of our experienced cakers will get back to you.

    For custom orders we require 72 hours - 1 weeks notice depending on size and availability. Please note while we love creating bespoke cakes, we can’t accommodate all requests - such as fondant, themed cakes or low sugar.

    If you require delivery for your custom cake please see *more floss* and look in the Floss FAQ to find out how we use Uber Packages for delivery.

    Single custom cakes start from $110 & feed 12 dessert slices- 22 finger slices

    Doubles start from $235 & feed 24 dessert slices- 42 finger slices

    Custom Slabs start from $270 & feed 30 dessert slices- 60 finger slices

    Larger custom cakes & slabs available upon request